About Us

From the day I entered the tax and accounting field, I have been working with hundreds of individuals and small to medium-size businesses.  My name is Marlene Dunn Till and I am the owner of Dunn Accounting & Tax Preparation.  I became a licensed Enrolled Agent* in 1986, having opened Dunn Accounting & Tax Preparation in 1983.  With over 35 years of tax and accounting experience, I still believe that my sole purpose is to provide my clients with highly personalized tax, accounting and financial advice.  I provide a wide range of services providing a few specialties: Child Care operations both in-home and centers, Representation of those with tax problems or tax collection issues, estates and trusts, and obtaining non profits status for organizations beginning their operations.  As a Registered Representative with HD Vest Investment Services, a non-bank subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company, I provide services in retirement and tax planning.  I also hold a teaching certificate in the Wisconsin Technical College System, having taught various accounting, tax and payroll courses at Moraine Park Technical College, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. 

My professional career has given me many opportunities to serve others in my vocation.  I am currently the secretary and a board member of the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Association of Tax Professionals.  As part of my duties to the chapter, I serve on the Tax Liaison Committee, attending meetings that provide and disseminate information to tax professionals about the administration levels at both the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  This gives me a unique opportunity to have personal contact with the department administrations on a first hand basis.  As a member of the Wisconsin Society of Enrolled Agents, I served in various officer and board positions. 

With tax laws becoming more complex, the tax and accounting business growing and Marlene’s increased investment clientele, Marlene was thinking she needed an able assistant.  Not just a 9 to 5 employee, someone who would assist her during the long days and weekends that tax season demands.  In late 2004, Marlene’s husband, Richard Till, made plans to retire from his full time work.  But Dick is not the type to slow down.  He immediately suggested to Marlene that he could become her “right hand” assistant.  After all, who would be crazy enough to tie themselves to a business from 8 AM to 8 PM or later, 7 days a week for nearly 4 months?  Well, this husband would, of course. 

Dick came on board in February 2005, and he has not looked back since. Dick will be the first to tell you he enjoys meeting the clients, offering service on the phone or assisting Marlene with the daily operations of Dunn Accounting & Tax Preparation.  They would appreciate your taking a moment to view the Dunn Accounting website and then contact them by phone or email.  Be it taxes, accounting or investing, Marlene and Dick look forward to working with you to make your life more rewarding and less taxing.

Member : National Association of Enrolled Agents, Wisconsin Society of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Tax Professionals, Wisconsin Chapter of National Association of Tax Professionals, Certified Accounting Educator with the Wisconsin Technical College System, Registered Representative with H. D. Vest Investment Services.