Daycare Specialist

Marlene Dunn Till, owner of Dunn Accounting & Tax Preparation, has been providing services to daycare businesses and daycare owners since the mid-80’s.  Daycare providers have a very unique set of tax rules.  Many expenses are related to the time and space elements in the home.  Depreciation of home furnishings is also an advantage.  Marlene knows the daycare business going from start up, through operation, and even closing a business.  She has taught owners about those rules on an individual basis as well as in various group settings and conferences.  From time/space, to how to categorize expenses, and how to benefit from the use of your home in the daycare setting, Marlene feels her role is to make the daycare owner feel comfortable with recordkeeping.  Besides teaching recordkeeping, Marlene will complete the tax return and be available for consultations during the year.  Providers are people with special talents who utilize those talents to teach, nurture, “parent”, love and protect those in their care.  It take an enormous amount of ability to do those things, but ultimately the owner must never forget that they must do what is in the best of their business also.  Marlene is full aware of this unique roll.  Give Marlene a call to set up a consultation or have your taxes prepared by someone who is educated, experienced and compassionate about daycare and daycare providers.