Investment Services

If you are looking for suggestions for retirement, investments, education or tax planning, look no further.  Marlene Dunn Till is a licensed representative with H. D. Vest Investment Services. Marlene has a decade-plus of experience in this area.  H. D. Vest advisors have the ability to assist with retirement, investment products and banking products including loans for both individuals and businesses.  We can choose to invest with many sponsors such as Oppenheimer, Kemper, MFS, as well as Wells Fargo Bank products.  Marlene has many clients who have invested funds for their children’s education in the EdVest, Section 529 plan, which is a way for investing funds for college for their children or related parties.  There is a deduction for amounts invested on an individual’s Wisconsin income tax return.  It is so rewarding to see my tax clients integrate their investment, retirement and education goals with their particular tax consequences.  By serving as the tax preparer and investment advisor, Marlene is able look at a client’s suitability for an investment because she knows how it may have an effect on their particular tax situation for the current time frame and for the future.  Marlene is also available to businesses and other entities who wish to implement retirement plans for their employees or who wish to invest their business assets for either the short or long term.